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Published- Financial Gazette 15/05/2008 , Herald 30/06/2008

Fast growing technological and distribution group Mobile City Corporation with less than a decade in operation was honoured by being awarded the prestigious overall best exhibitor’s display accolade at the just ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fare in Bulawayo.
The group whose real value lay not simply in its wide clientele base, but also in its corporate culture, recognized brand and the ingenuity of its managers was only on their 3rd appearance at the exhibition.


The group chief operating officer Dr Kundayi Chandayengerwa said,
“ZITF, being one of Southern Africa’s largest and immensely participated trade showcase, our snapping of this coveted award is accepted with the simple humility that such an environment calls for, by the entire Mobile City staff compliment, our valued clients locally and regionally and to our corporation affiliates and associates".

He was quick to reiterate on his team’s united spirit, determination and single-minded focus on growth, quality and innovation.
“We are also very thankful to our faithful creator for his everlasting love and the guidance he continues to give Mobile City.”
“The group has certainly defied all odds by its burgeoning growth and revenue in creating value for our shareholders in such a challenging economic environment where resourcefulness was and is the name of the game for zimbabweans to get through each day”.
“Our focus on driving operating margin efficiencies also culminated in the group’s stellar performance.” said Chandayengerwa.
“Our board has seen this as an opportune time to put its foot on the accelerator pedal and grow the company forward.
“The challenging business environment in Zimbabwe actually presents virgin opportunities which in view of globalization are ready to be tapped either by zimbabweans ourselves or external investors.”
“In the history of this country, there is no better time than now for businesses to take strategic positions”.

 the elated COO said.

“We are trading in difficult times, which are likely to get even tougher. Under these economic circumstances in our retail business, shoppers tend to seek value and therefore, our group is well positioned to attract more customers with our quality brands at everyday low prices”.
 Internationally value retailing model has proved to be the best formula for tough trading times and it will help us to prosper through the downturn”. The group is well placed to increase market share over the medium term and expects to achieve growth in earnings in the forthcoming year notwithstanding the challenging economic climate”.

Dr Chandayengerwa further said that, “Just like a heat seeking missile his group chief executive  who is away on business in Asia and his team are constantly and actively seeking value accretive expansion opportunities in this  market growing the group both organically and via M&As.”

Corporate communications executive Memory Mukundwa said “The company formed less than a decade ago to focus on mobile communications from where its name is derived has since diversified into distribution and retail  to mitigate risk and increase revenue streams.”
“The group engineered and registered its unique appealing brand Mobile which brings a seal of quality on all products marketed in its identity”,
she said.

She further said that the group invests so much of its resources in researching and establishment of world renowned manufacturers with a reputation of producing high quality products who manufacture and supply us with mobile branded products.
In fact, branding is all about tapping people’s emotions.


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